Did you know that …

  • about 30% of people snore every night
  • many snorers no longer share a bedroom with their partner
  • snoring can be a sign of obstructive sleep apnoea, where people repeatedly stop breathing for short periods during the night
  • sleep apnoea affects about 5% of people in general, and about 20% of men aged between 30 and 60
  • having sleep apnoea makes you more likely to get high blood pressure
  • treating sleep apnoea in people with drug-resistant high blood pressure can help to bring the blood pressure back under control
  • 30% of people with late-onset diabetes have sleep apnoea
  • treating sleep apnoea effectively may help diabetics to gain better control of their blood sugar levels

So if you snore…

If you snore most nights, and especially if your partner says you stop breathing during the night, you really should take notice.

You don’t have to let snoring and sleep apnoea damage your health and relationships. As a first step, why not contact us about our sleep test.