Sleep testing, and treating snoring and sleep apnoea

Sleep study at home

Most people start with a take-home sleep study. This requires a referral from your doctor. You pick up the test kit from us and we show you how to set it up for yourself at home. Use the test kit overnight to record your breathing and brain patterns while you sleep. Then return the kit to us the next day for analysis by our specialist sleep physicians.

Contact us to arrange a home sleep study and then take this referral form to your doctor.

Helping you make better choices

Following your sleep study, if your doctor recommends CPAP treatment, we will assist you with a trial of modern CPAP equipment. Typically you would hire a CPAP machine for two weeks or longer, depending on how readily you are able to adapt to the treatment. We have regular appointments with you during your trial to provide support to solve any early issues that may arise. With over a decade of experience in supporting CPAP trials, there is rarely a question we cannot answer!

Wide range of CPAP machines, masks and spare parts

For those already established on CPAP treatment, we keep in stock a wide range of CPAP products including filters for CPAP machines, humidifier chambers, and mask spare parts.

Even if you are not sure exactly what part you need, please contact us for help.

Committed to our clients

At Deeper Sleep our focus is on our clients. We provide expert advice with comprehensive follow-up to ensure the success of any treatment options you take up.